Buildings increasingly require greater features, both in terms of services and protection, not to mention aesthetics and design. In contemporary architecture, glass is an increasingly common material, thanks to its versatility, its inherent luminosity, thermal and acoustic insulation and protection.

FUEGO MASTER SOLUTION® meets the most complex demands for fire protection glass, providing PILKINGTON® brand fire protection glass.

PILKINGTON® is the market pioneer with over 30 years’ experience. As the world leader in the industry, it offers a proven product featuring indisputable advantages and technical features as well as the widest range of products and solutions for various firewall systems on the market.

FUEGO MASTER SOLUTION®has a technical and human team boasting over 12 years of experience cutting and manufacturing Pilkington® glass firewall solutions. It boasts the most advanced technology, and production is continually audited by independent certification bodies, allowing us to deliver a high-quality and CE certified product.

The quest for higher performance and requirements for buildings results in more complex glass. Thanks to its experience in manufacturing architectural glass, FUEGO MASTER SOLUTION® can develop fire protection glass in addition to solar control, low emission and decorative glass, among others.