Pilkington Pyroclear® – E rated glass

PYROCLEAR® Pilkington glass is a fire resistant glass crafted using a special manufacturing process that requires very high-precision finishing of the edges and careful handling. Since it is a monolithic glass, it optimises natural lighting in the protected enclosure. This glass is developed to meet anti-flame and gas integrity (E) standards, tested in official trials from 30 to 60 minutes (EN 13501-2 rated E).

It is a high-safety and high-consistency glass based on a system of special edge treatment engineering to ensure strong effectiveness against tension and warping in the event of a fire.

Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, available in both monolithic and double glazing. It is a glass particularly suitable for installations in wood, aluminium and steel, with certified firewall systems.

Some of the features and benefits of this glass are:

  • Designed for fire resistant glazing where integrity (class E) is required.
  • Safe and consistent effectiveness, allowing the use of systems between 10mm and 15mm, and therefore very appropriate for most profile systems.
  • Special edge treatment engineering in order to ensure strong effectiveness against tension and warping.
  • Available for indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Available in monolithic glass or double-glazed glass.
  • High optical quality