Fire resistant glazing is currently used in all types of buildings and facilities. These systems mainly cover three functional objectives: to create sectorisation areas, secure escape routes and prevent the spread of fire through walls and roofs. This can be achieved thanks to the variety of systems, the multi-functionality offered by the various glasses and the wide range of types and sizes — taking into account applicable legislation in each country.

The solutions for these objectives fall into various systems:

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Fire Doors

There is a wide variety of metal, wood and other types of door manufacturers in the market. Existing regulations have led many of these companies to include a range a fire doors in different sizes and finishes. The existence of fire protection glass has made possible the creation of doors that include all types of […]

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Glazed Firewall Screens

Some firewall system companies in the market combine materials such as aluminium and steel. Coupled with fire protection glass, these allow the creation of sectorisation areas and at the same time give buildings safe exit routes and fire fighting activity. In this type of glass sectorisation, glass firewall, due to its transparency and luminosity, allows […]

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Firewall Curtains

In a fire, flames can spread through the facade, and sometimes it becomes necessary to sectorise part of the building to prevent the fire from spreading to other plants or adjacent buildings. The product range of a vast majority of firewall systems includes the profiles required to create curtains with firewall glass, which are perfectly […]

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Firewall Roofs

FUEGO MASTER SOLUTION® offers glazed solutions for both indoor and outdoor horizontal glass applications. In these applications, the glass firewall should be double-glazed to protect intumescent gel layers from sunlight and high temperatures which might make it react.

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Special Firewall Solutions

Despite the wide range of glasses and systems available, fire protection often requires the development of highly specialised solutions. FUEGO MASTER SOLUTION®, together with Pilkington, assists in the development of this type of special solutions in cooperation with profile manufacturers. The company provides extensive technical support throughout the process, from development, initial phases and testing, […]