Pilkington Pyrostop® – EI rated glass

Pilkington PYROSTOP® glass is a fire resistant glass designed with a multi-layered system including transparent glass and colourless, insulating gel layers which enhance the natural lighting of the protected enclosure. This glass is designed for maximum protection both in terms of integrity (E) and complete thermal insulation (EI) against radiated heat, tested in official trials from 30 to 180 minutes (EN 13501-2 EI rating).

In case of fire, it provides a high level of protection, creating a barrier against flames, gases and fumes, effectively blocking the transfer of heat. The side of the glass exposed to the flames breaks and allows the first interlayer to react, becoming opaque, blocking the fire and absorbing energy.

It may be used both indoors and outdoors, with single or double glazing. It can also be installed with a special glass on the outside.

Some of the features and benefits of this glass are:

  • Extensively tested, transparent fire protection
  • Provides proven integrity and complete thermal insulation of up to 180 min. When used in conjunction with tested and approved profiles, it provides an effective barrier against flames and fumes, efficiently blocking the transmission of radiated heat to the protected enclosure.
  • Especially transparent, intumescent multilayer nanocoating, which reacts to form a rigid and opaque fire barrier, helping reduce people’s panic and fear during an evacuation.
  • Completely transparent, unobstructed view
  • Mechanical impact safety
  • Provides effective noise reduction
  • Great flexibility in combinations with other functional glass.
  • Available for indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Available in monolithic glass or double-glazed glass.
  • Ideal alternative to traditional non-transparent firewalls
  • It remains clear until the fire reaches a temperature of approximately 120° Celsius.
  • All panes thicker than 23 mm feature Pilkington Optiwhite for maximum light transmission.