Pilkington Pyrodur® – EW rated glass

Pilkington PYRODUR® glass is a fire resistant glass designed with a multi-layered system including transparent glass and colourless, insulating gel layers which enhance the natural lighting of the protected enclosure. This glass is developed to meet integrity (E) standards against flames, gases and fumes, and also complies with the reduction of radiated heat (EW), tested in official trials from 30 to 60 minutes (EN 13501-2 EW rated), even providing a basic level of thermal insulation (EI) of up to 15 minutes.

Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, wherever integrity protection and a certain level of isolation according to specs (up to EW 60) is required. Pilkington Pyrodur® is available in monolithic and double glazing for use in applications with steel, aluminium and wood systems. It can be combined with glass offering additional features, providing a wide range of products for numerous applications.

Pilkington Pyrodur® is particularly recommended for doors and screens where lighter and narrower profiles are important and help with glazing. Other applications include solar protection for facades and roofs (special glasses).

Some of the features and benefits of this glass are:

  • Provides proven integrity protection for up to 60 minutes when used in the corresponding tested and approved glazing systems, restricting the spread of fire, fumes and gases.
  • Especially transparent, intumescent multilayer nanocoating, which reacts to form a rigid and opaque fire barrier, helping reduce people’s panic and fear during an evacuation.
  • This offers the added advantage of reducing heat convection and radiation in a fire.
  • Lightweight
  • Completely transparent, unobstructed view
  • Provides effective noise reduction
  • Mechanical impact safety, depending on thickness
  • Great flexibility in combinations with other functional glass.
  • Available for indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Available in monolithic glass or double-glazed glass.